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It is so easy to list on Yupple even your dog could do it*. Take some pics, write a description, decide your price, list on Yupple, sell your home.


Yupple isn't just for Young Urban Professional Couples you know, it's for everyone.

It is currently one of the only platforms in the world that lets you sell your home yourself. This is how it works:


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It's so simple to list on Yupple. Create a brief description, name your price, upload a few good pics, list the best features and submit!
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Nobody said it was easy, until now.

We are introducing big features to streamline the buying, selling and renting process. As well as listing your home, you will be guided every step of the way.

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    Decide your asking price

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    Give your house a tidy-up

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    List your home on Yupple

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    Arrange your viewings

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    Negotiate the best price

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    Accept an offer

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    Instruct a solicitor or conveyancer

“We built Yupple to help young urban professionals get on the ladder. Our mission is to make living fairer for everyone.”
Bernice Tessmer
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