Safety Advice

Always Be Safe & Aware

Being safe on Yupple is important for yourself and others.
Don't get caught out, review our safety advice.

  • Basics

    Yupple is committed to it's members safety.

    This page outlines some things you can do to keep safe and aware whilst using Yupple services.

    If you have an urgent safety related issue please contact us via our Support Center.

  • Communication

    Always communicate through Yupple. We recommend using our secure site to communicate with other Yupple members. Yupple monitors messages for fraud, abuse, spam and other violations of Yupple's policy.

    While all listings on Yupple are manually reviewed by a member of the Yupple Review Team, specific Yupple members are not verified, please be take extreme caution when talking to someone you do not know or have never met.

  • Never share financial information

    Like most sites these days, our advice is to never share any of your financial information with anyone you do not know or have ever met. Only ever provide this information through a secure legal process.

    Yupple will never ask for your financial information through email, text or phone. Yupple only asks for this information when members are purchasing a plan or upgrade on the platform.

  • Under 18?

    This site is only available to members that are aged 18 or over.

  • Do not duplicate

    Duplicate members and listings will be deleted from the platform. The user will be banned from the site and the IP recorded and reported to the relevant authority.

  • Fake Properties

    Yupple reviews every listing manually and offers a 'verified' service to support the ongoing commitment to ensuring that properties are real and the information relating to them is correct.

    Please remember though, according to our terms we cannot make any guarantee that properties listed are real and correct. Always seek legal advice when making any transaction and request to see proof of ownership.

    Please report any properties you think are fake to us via our Support Center.

  • Don’t leave it live

    When a property is sold or rented please do not leave the listing live. You can expire your own listing through the user dashboard under 'My Properties'.

  • Your Safety

    When meeting another Yupple member regarding a house rental or sale please take precautions. Ensure that someone knows where you are and what time your meeting is. Take a charged mobile phone with you in case you need someone or something. If its possible take a friend or family member with you.

    Remember to always communicate through Yupple’s secure messaging platform.

  • Steer clear of disputes

    Write a clear and honest description of your property to avoid issues and problems later on down the line.

  • Pricing

    Remember that Yupple members can create their own pricing.

    Our general advice would be to seek legal assistance when determining the accuracy of a listing price. Never pay any upfront cash or monies to someone without going through the secure legal process.

    Yupple currently does not offer insurance or dispute assistance and would always recommend members to get legal assistance if there are any problems arising from payments made to other members.

This privacy policy was last Updated: 28th June 2018